I’m a Luke in a Han World

I recently moved to a new state and made the switch from working at the office to working from home.  While unpacking I came across a rolled up poster from my childhood.  Turns out it was a movie poster for The Empire Strikes Back.  Yes, I am a Star Wars fan boy.  Still have my action figures, ships, etc.  I decided to hang the poster over my desk in the new home office.

The Empire Strikes Back

The poster shows Luke looking off into the distance, maybe towards a better future?  Maybe towards his destiny?  Who knows?  He was chastised by Yoda for always looking for adventure instead of keeping his mind on the present.  Yoda had a good point.  Luke did spend a fair amount of time fantasizing about his future rather than focusing on the task at hand.  But, I would contend that he was just forward thinking.  He was looking for a better life, a life where he could make a difference.

Now I know Luke was whiny and annoying (although this improved somewhat as the trilogy unfolded) while Han was the suave, no-nonsense rebel.  Han was the epitome of WIIFM (what’s in it for me) thinking.  I loved Han too.  He was Indiana Jones in a galaxy far far away.  But, to this day, I still identify more with Luke.  Han was the cynical rogue who had been around the block a few times and Luke was another example of Joseph Campbell’s hero embarking on a journey.

These are the things I admire in Luke.

  • He was an active, engaged learner.
  • He was a completely altruistic helper.
  • He was a visionary who saw the big picture.
  • He was a trustworthy friend.
  • He was a dreamer.

And of course, he had Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda in his PLN.  Corny?  Yes.  Idealistic?  Probably.  But I don’t mind.  I’ll always be a Luke.

So, are you a Luke or a Han?  Or maybe you’re a combo of both?  Perhaps a Leia?

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