Comic Book Starter Kit

comic book sample slidesComic book designs are great for e-learning projects. They engage people through the art of visual storytelling. For some great examples of using comic book designs in Storyline, check out E-Learning Challenge #11: Design a Comic Book Theme for Your E-Learning Course.

To that end, I thought I would create a comic book starter kit in Storyline. Rather than making a bunch of high-end graphics and importing them into Storyline, I built these directly in Storyline with the existing shapes and buttons. The idea being that someone new to Storyline or new to a comic format can easily manipulate the images. The only “outside” influence is the use of comic book style fonts that I downloaded and installed.

The kit includes panels, callouts, shapes, buttons, font examples, and backgrounds in a variety of colors.

The comic book font that I used as the sample text is Crimefighter BB. You’ll need to download and install it to view the source file properly in Storyline.

Launch Demo


Source File – SL360


Source File – SL2


For additional resources, checkout the free course assets page in the ELH community.

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