Create an Animated GIF in Camtasia

Do you have Camtasia? Do you want to create short animated GIFs of your e-learning demos to post on your website or Twitter? Here’s how.

  1. Open up your Storyline published output.
  2. Open the Camtasia recording window and resize and align to record your output. Tip: Twitter uses a 2:1 aspect ratio, with optimal size being 1024 x 512 pixels.
  3. Start the recording and click through the different areas you want to demo. Keep it short (approximately 10 seconds). It may take a few recordings to get your timing right.
  4. Publish your Camtasia recording.*
    • Select Custom production settings.
    • Select GIF – animation file.
    • Leave the default settings for Animated GIF Encoding Options, Video Size, and Video Options.
    • For Produce Video, uncheck all the boxes and make sure your destination folder is set to the right location.
    • Select Finish.
  5. Post your animated GIF on Twitter (or wherever else). To post on Twitter, compose your tweet and then select the Add photos or video icon. Navigate to your published GIF, insert it, and post your tweet.

I created the following animated GIF for a recent portfolio item I built in Storyline.

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