comic book sample slides

Comic Book Kit

Use this starter kit of panels, callouts, shapes, buttons, and backgrounds to create a comic…

step-by-step entry

Step-by-Step Interaction

Easily customize this interaction with text and your own images or media. Tool: Storyline 360…

expression generator

Expression Generator

Sometimes I like to compare facial expressions on the built-in animated characters in Storyline. I…

pick one scenario

Pick One Scenario

This demo uses a scenario and possible responses as a more engaging form of a…

custom buttons

Custom Buttons

Customize your next project with either solid or outline buttons. Easily change color and font…

dial green section

Dial and Reveal

Instead of a standard click and reveal, this interaction uses a dial to reveal additional…

The examples below are older portfolio items created with Storyline v1 and v2.

Circular Process Diagram

Circular Click and Reveal

Create your own circular click and reveal from scratch. Two versions included in the .story…

Star Wars Trading Cards

Star Wars Challenge

Awaken your e-learning force with these Starticulate trading cards. Created for ELH Challenge #110. Tool:…

Cover Slide

E-Learning Cover Slide

Design an e-learning cover slide. Created for ELH Challenge #117. Tool: Storyline 2

Meet The Team

Create the Team

Create your own superhero team in this spin on a Meet the Team Interaction. Tool:…

Closed Captions In Storyline 2

Custom Closed Captions

Objective Since Storyline 2 does not have native closed captioning functionality, create a reusable CC…

Font Size Magnification

Font Size Magnification

Objective Offer the look and feel of text magnification for accessibility purposes. Tool Storyline 2…