character drag and drop

Character Drag and Drop

Listen to multiple audio tracks and then drag and drop the correct character to the…

custom video entry

Custom Video Player

Have a series of videos that a learner needs to view? Just swap out the…

tab 2 content

Slide Out Tabs

Easily customize the colors for this slide out tab template. Tool: Storyline 360  

tab 4.3 content

Nested Tabs Interaction

Tabs within tabs! You can use this interaction if you have a lot of content…

1960 timeline

Interactive Timeline

Use this template to build a different type of interactive timeline. Source file contains two…

meet the team entry

Meet the Team Tabs

Use this interaction for a simple Meet the Team slide. Tool: Storyline 360  

The examples below are older portfolio items created with Storyline v1 and v2.

Stages Of Vacation Grief

Vacation Grief

Objective Create an interactive demo from an infographic. Tool Storyline 2

Nested Timeline Template

Nested Timeline Template

Objective Create an interactive timeline using nested items. I wrote about why I created this template…

Corporate Template

Corporate Template

Objective Create a corporate introduction template built as one slide. I explained how I created…

Video Template

Video Menu Template

Objective Create a video library template. I explained how I built this video menu template…

Toys In E-learning Challenge

Toys in E-Learning Challenge

Objective This week your challenge is to design a short interaction using toys as your…

Slider Challenge

Interactive Slider Challenge

ELH Challenge #52 - Using Interactive Sliders in E-learning Objective This week your challenge is to…