How to reduce your e-learning file size

Happy CamperOne way to decrease the size of your PowerPoint file, which in turn decreases the size of your published .swf file is to use the Save as Picture function in PowerPoint.  For instance, if you insert a Clipart photo, you can dramatically reduce the size by using the following process.

1. Insert your image.
2. Right-click on the image and select Save as Picture.
3. Save the picture file with your other assets.
4. Delete the original Clipart image.
5. Click Insert Picture and select your newly created picture.

Actually, it is probably good practice to save the original image in case you need to go back and edit it.  A good way to do this is to use two separate PowerPoint files; one for your images and one for your course.

Don’t think using the Save as Picture function can help decrease file size?  Take a gander at the file size comparisons below.

File Size Comparison



The first is a .pptx file with the image inserted directly from Clipart and then saved.  The second file used the Save as Picture process above and inserted the new image.  Notice any differences in file size?  Granted that isn’t gonna break the bank, but think about all the images you put into your e-learning course and how quickly that file size grows to monstrous proportions.

Another great point Tom Kuhlmann advocates is using slide masters as much as possible.  To decrease your publishing time, put as many of your assets that you can on slide masters.  It makes your publishing speed faster which makes you more efficient and productive.

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  1. Thanks for the tip…I really need to practice this two file approach more consistently. There are a numerous benefits.

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