Is This Thing On?

Picks up the mic. Is this thing on? It’s been six years since my last blog post. This place is a little dusty and I’m a little rusty. The last post is from 2018. A lot has happened since then. Here are a few notable events from my life: Of course there were many other … Read more

Using Lightbox Slides to Reduce Cognitive Load

One of the things I touched on briefly in my workshop session at the Articulate Roadshow was the idea of using lightbox slides to reduce cognitive load in your course. Building lightbox slides for certain items can reduce cognitive load and focus the learner on the meat of the content rather than forcing them to … Read more

Pictograms and Gender

After posting my screencast on Creating Pictogram People in PowerPoint using 3 Shapes, I looked at the samples I shared and realized they were all quite “mannish.” Generally, I think pictogram people, due to their very nature, should be gender-less. They are just shapes put together to represent a person. This makes it easy when … Read more

Building on Shared Assets

Recently I created a nested timeline template in Storyline and shared the source file¬†with the E-Learning Heroes community. In the spirit of sharing and showing my work, I’ve started sharing all of my source files. Not because I think I’m great and my files are the best, but because I have benefited from what others … Read more